Spain / 29 Jun 2017
Conference series LLC invites all the participants from all over the world to attend 2nd World Bioenergy Congress and Expo during June 29-30, 2017 in Madrid, Spain, which includes prompt keynote presentations, oral talks, poster presentations and exhibitions. Theme of the Bioenergy conference is upgrading sources of energy for future generation with an objective to encourage young minds and their research abilities by providing an opportunity to meet the experts in the field of Bioenergy. This Bioenergy congress is designed to explore various applications in different fields. Join us for two intensive and interesting days of discussing contemporary Bioenergy research.
Belgium / 19 Jun 2017
During the EU's Sustainable Energy Week, public authorities, energy agencies, research organisations, NGOs, businesses, and private consumers will have the chance to exchange ideas about providing secure, clean and efficient energy. Events organised as part of the week will include the annual Policy Conference on sustainable energy as well as networking opportunities and an awards ceremony for energy-saving initiatives.
Italy / 22 May 2017
REGATEC 2017 has a technical and industrial focus and is directed towards microbial and thermochemical conversion of biomass and waste to biomethane, Power-to-gas, biomass gasification for CHP production, and cryogenic upgrading/liquefaction
Italy / 17 May 2017
The Electricity Regulatory Forum (Florence Forum) was set up to discuss the creation of the internal electricity market. It is currently addressing cross-border trade of electricity, in particular the tarification of cross-border electricity exchanges and the management of scarce interconnection capacity. Participants include national regulatory authorities, Member State governments, the European Commission, TSOs, electricity traders, consumers, network users, and power exchanges. Since 1998 the Forum has meet once or twice a year.
Ukraine / 16 May 2017
This Networking event will target a wide spectrum of companies, universities and researchers in the field of energy from Ukraine, EaP Countries and Europe and beyond interested in sharing new project ideas and finding collaboration within the upcoming calls in Horizon 2020, finding new business partners, consult project ideas with the experts.
Portugal / 5 Apr 2017
EMR2017 will bring together researchers and professionals from a broad set of science and engineering disciplines with the aim of sharing on the latest developments and advances in materials and processes involved in the energy generation, transmission-distribution and storage. The connection is clear between research into novel materials and new technological solutions or improvements in materials, and the development of cleaner, cheaper safer and more efficient energy technologies.
UK / 27 Mar 2017
The event is the fourth of a series of UNI-SET “Energy Clustering Events” which will take place in 2016 and 2017 to discuss and stimulate the development of innovative research and education programmes in the energy field. The events seek to mobilise the European university community to tackle the “energy challenge” by fostering exchange and collaboration between researchers, educators and other stakeholders, framed by the European Strategic Energy Technology Plan (SET-Plan) and the Energy Union. The event in London will provide opportunities for clustering, consortia building and knowledge sharing. The main themes of the event, around which sessions will be programmed, are derived from two core priorities of the SET-Plan: - Sustainable Transport’ - ‘Competitive in global battery sector and e-mobility’ - ‘Renewable fuels and bioenergy’ - ‘Carbon Capture Utilisation and Storage’ The event is organised in the framework of the FP7 UNI-SET project, an action implemented jointly by the European University Association (EUA) and KU Leuven, which represents the universities in KIC InnoEnergy. The UNI-SET ECEs are mainly intended for EUA member universities participating in the UNI-SET Universities Survey.
Belgium / 24 Mar 2017
This conference will launch the KEP 2017 theme of Energy, with more events to follow later. High-level speakers will come together with the latest on energy-related research and innovation, ranging from policy specialists of the European Commission to hands-on best practice from Europe's regions. The Knowledge Exchange Platform (KEP) is a concept jointly developed by the European Committee of the Regions and DG Research and Innovation of the European Commission. It is aimed at presenting new R&I solutions, innovative products and best practices in response to societal challenges facing the regions and cities of Europe. In 2016, the KEP addressed the themes of Bioeconomy and Key Enabling Technologies.
Belgium / 23 Mar 2017
The North Seas Energy Forum brings together representatives of the public, private and non-governmental sectors in the Northern Seas region to discuss challenges and opportunities and the role of stakeholders in realising the region's full energy potential. It will be opened by Dominique Ristori, the European Commission's Director-General for Energy, and Nancy Mahieu, acting Director-General for Energy of the Belgian Federal Public Service Economy, SMEs, Self-Employed and Energy.
UK / 9 Mar 2017
The event will be held in London on Thursday 9th March 2017 at Digital Greenwich in East London. The event is being held near to the Ecobuild venue of the Excel Convention Centre to facilitate the participation of those visiting London to attend the Ecobuild conference. The workshop will bring together organisations from around Europe to share proposal ideas and information on their capabilities to build consortia and commence proposal development. All the call topics covered require collaboration between a minimum of three legal entities from different Member States or Associated Countries. The event will start at 10am and will include an introduction to the Call topics and to the evaluation criteria followed by an opportunity to ask questions. The rest of the day will be brainstorming activities between potential partners on proposal development. The event will finish at 4.30pm.
Germany / 8 Mar 2017
ACI’s Clean Energy Finance Europe 2017 conference will bring together the leading executives and experts from across the financing infrastructure sector. This year the conference will be hold the 8th and 9th March 2017 and determines the extent of new energy realities, exploring capacity in developing countries, bridging the gap on bankable SME projects, demand, and policy technology undercurrents reshaping European energy markets. This event supports the incentive to innovate finance strategies for grid-scale clean tech development: a series of informative presentations will be follow by practical problem solving.
Austria / 1 Mar 2017
The World Sustainable Energy Days (WSED), one of Europe’s largest annual conferences in this field, offer a unique combination of events on sustainable energy. The 2017 conference will take place from 1 - 3 March 2017 in Wels/Austria. For more than 20 years, experts from all over the world have gathered in Upper Austria to attend the conference - in 2016, the event attracted over 700 participants from 57 countries. The conference makes an important contribution to awareness raising about renewable energy and energy efficiency. C-Energy 2020 representative will be attending the event.
UK / 21 Feb 2017
CommBeBiz's annual event, funded by the EU, is designed to challenge, support and inform researchers on their quest to innovate in the commercial, social and policy arenas. Researchers receiving EU public funding have to demonstrate the value they have added to society and commerce from the investment made in them. Through keynote speakers and workshops, this event will enhance key skills (e.g. RRI, social media, IPR, PR, funding) needed to drive the innovation process, & provide valuable networking opportunities and insights into innovation success stories and stumbling blocks, in bringing Bioeconomy Research to life.