Our Services

If you are a researcher, an entrepreneur, a public administration or any other eligible entities under Horizon 2020 rules and you intend to submit a project proposal in the field of energy in the framework of the EU R&I Programme:

  • You can receive support in finding the right partners for your project through not only our partner search tool, but also by participating in the international brokerage events we organise or co-organise with Enterprise Europe Network;
  • You can have an updated overview of which the current EU funding opportunities and networks are through this website;
  • You can find the NCPs who are closest to you through the website;
  • You can take part in training sessions publicised on the C-Energy 2020 V2 agenda in order to learn how to prepare a competitive project proposal under Horizon 2020;
  • You can be always updated on EU open calls, important events, policy updates and success stories in the energy field throughout C-Energy 2020 website and social media accounts.

If you are an Energy NCP willing to build up your skills and knowledge in order to provide your clients with high-quality services:

  • You have the possibility to take part to training sessions (via webinars, online modules and face2face trainings) and twinning schemes organised by the network;
  • You can share information, consolidate your knowledge and help your clients find the appropriate partners thanks to the cooperation with the Enterprise Europe Network’s energy-related Sector Groups and other relevant Horizon 2020 NCP networks;
  • You can have a privileged access to the Energy NCPs from International Cooperation Countries (such as the BRICS countries);
  • You can be always updated on EU funding opportunities, important events, policy updates and success stories in the energy field throughout C-Energy 2020 V2 websiteand  social media accounts;

*NCPs coming from organisations that are based in a EU Member State or H2020 Associated Country and have signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the C-Energy 2020 project can participate in training sessions, twinning schemes, brokerage events at the Project’s expenses.